landlords - your property


If the property to be rented is mortgaged, we would request sight of the mortgage conditions that confirm the property can be let, or a letter of consent from lender before commencing any tenancy, you should check all conditions, just in case their are fees you must pay the lender. 


If the property to be rented is leasehold, then the terms of your lease should be checked to ensure rental is permitted.


You should ensure that you are suitably covered for letting under both your buildings and contents insurance (if required)

council tax

For all managed properties we will inform the relevant local authority of a change of occupancy or a property becoming unoccupied at the end of a tenancy agreement; this will not be our responsibility for an Introduction only basis.

overseas landlords

Unless you can provide evidence of an exemption certificate or have completed the necessary documents (NRL1) from the Inland Revenue, tax will be deducted.


We will comply with all relevant and current legislation in regard to tenants deposits. You as the property owner and landlord are legally responsible for such.